Entry fees

  • Team Debate: $45 per debater
  • LD Debate: $45 per debater
  • Parli: $35.00 per debater


Registration is not complete until your fees have been paid. We are using PayPal and there will be a small processing fee added to cover PayPal fees.

Please Note: If you plan to compete in Team Policy Debate or Parli Debate, your partner must also be registered in order to compete as a team. Having one partner sign up does NOT hold a space or count as registration for the other partner.


  • All fees must be paid at the time of registration for it to be considered complete. Uncompleted registrations will be wait-listed.
  • Fees for dropped/changed events will be refunded minus 15% processing fee until March 3, 8:00PM.
  • There will be no refunds for dropped events after March 3, 8:00PM unless approved by the tournament director.
  • To withdraw from the tournament or drop an event, please send an email to marywinther@gmail.com