Host Housing

The Modesto Debate host committee volunteers will do their best to obtain host housing for out-of-town participants, but space is limited and housing cannot be guaranteed. Please be prepared to make other arrangements in the event that we are unable to find a host home for you.

Please pray for God’s provision in fulfilling all housing requests.

The deadline to request housing is Saturday, February 23, 2019, at the close of registration.

The host families understand the following:

1. Stoa families/competitors will need a place to sleep – a bed, couch or floor, and a place to shower as well as a small amount of refrigerator and/or freezer space.

2. The guests will be leaving their host homes as early as 7 AM and returning between 8-10 PM.

3. Arrangements for arrival and departure times should be arranged with your host as soon as we notify you with your host’s contact information.

The host family is not expected to provide meals, internet/printer, transportation or hosting of additional guests. Guests should expect to bring sleeping bags or personal bedding, towels and toiletries as well as their own food.

Please email the following information to

• Name of supervising adult(s)* and gender
• Address
• Email
• Cell phone
• Day of arrival and time
• Date of departure and time

• A list of all children needing placement with their ages and gender.

• Cell phone of another participating adult that is not staying at this host home who we may contact in case of emergency.

Who is the supervising adult? *

The supervising adult provides transportation, takes care of emergency situations and problems and is signed up to judge the required number of rounds. In addition, this adult must have signed permission from the parent to seek medical care (for children under 18) and a copy of each child’s medical card. These requirements are necessary to ensure the safety and well being of our students, which is of utmost importance.

Please indicate if your participation in Heart of the Valley tournament is predicated on obtaining host housing. We will attempt to give priority to those families who cannot attend our tournament without host housing.

Additionally, please review the Parent Judges tab on this tournament website and be prepared to honor the judging requirements for all Stoa tournaments, including the Heart of the Valley. Like every Stoa tournaments, we need judges!

Thank you for your understanding and participation.