Yummy Food for HoV!

We have arranged for some of our favorite Modesto area restaurants to provide amazing food for our tournament. If you remember from previous years, the smell of food being cooked on site was fabulous. See all descriptions and details below. :-)

All family members should either purchase tournament meals or bring your own food. If you bring food from home, we request that coolers be stowed in your vehicle except during meal breaks. Thank you!

Note to Parent Judges: Due to Covid restrictions our judge hospitality room will only be providing a bare minimum of prepackaged snacks. You will need to purchase meals at the time of registration or provide your own food.


Tuesday: Pizza (pepperoni, combo or cheese) plus a cookie and a water

Wednesday Lunch: Taqueria Modesto - 3 tacos (chicken, beef or pork), rice and beans, chips and water. Cooked on site. $11

Wednesday Dinner: Pulled pork, potatoes, roasted vegetables, cole slaw, roll, water $8
Pulled chicken, potatoes, roasted vegetables, cole slaw, roll, water $8

Thursday Lunch: Tri-tip sandwich, chips and water $8.50
Chicken sandwich, chips and water $8.50
Green salad with 8oz chicken breast, dressing on the side $8.50
Side green salad with dressing on the side $3
(Dressings are Ranch and Italian)

Thursday Dinner: Hawaiian Meatballs, rice, roasted vegetables, roll $8
Honey BBQ Meatballs, rice, roasted vegetables, roll $8

Friday Lunch: Chicken Caesar Wrap, chips, water $8
BLTA wrap, chips, water $8
Gluten-free chicken caesar wrap, chips, water $8
Gluten-free BLTA wrap, chips, water $8

Friday Dinner: Tri-tip, screamin' beans, green salad, roll, water $8

All food is 100% from local businesses