Mike Winther NITOC Scholarship Fund

Update/Name Change: Mike had the idea for this fund several years ago because he knew that for some families, the cost of attending NITOC could be an insurmountable barrier to their student’s participation. This fund has blessed many families over the years. IPS is pleased to continue this scholarship. A very generous donor to this fund and friend of Mike's requested that the name of the scholarship be changed. The new name will be the Mike Winther NITOC Scholarship Fund in recognition of the continuing legacy that Mike began.

Details of Scholarship

It’s an honor to qualify for the National Invitational Tournament of Champions (NITOC), but it can be an expensive honor.

In an effort to assist families with financial hardship, the Institute for Principle Studies (IPS) has established a NITOC Scholarship Fund to make the national tournament experience a reality for as many students as possible!

History & Testimonies
Beginning in 2016, IPS has been able to financially assist 20 students across 10 debate clubs contributing over $7,000! Here are a few words of thanks from past recipients:

- “We are so grateful the Institute for Principle Studies cares so much about Stoa families to make such an effort to actively assist in a practical way. We are blessed by your servant’s heart.”

- “Thank you so much for investing in me and making this NITOC experience possible!”

- “Please thank your leadership team for taking this initiative. We had no idea that such a ministry existed. Bravo!”

View more testimonies online at

How You Can Help
You can help by making a contribution to the fund. This can be done during your registration for the tournament, by mail, over the phone, online, or at the Heart of the Valley Tournament. Donations should be made payable to the Institute for Principle Studies and should include a note on the memo line that says, “NITOC Scholarship Fund.”
• Mail checks to P.O. Box 278, Modesto, California 95353
• Call (209) 575-2005
• Visit

How Families Apply
Families desiring financial assistance with NITOC expenses can apply online by visiting:

Applications should be received by
midnight on April 8th, 2023. Applications will
be reviewed and funds will be disbursed the first week of May.

Details about the Fund
This fund helps debate families with travel costs and tournament registration fees. IPS directs the fundraising for this project, manages the fund, reviews applications, and selects the recipients. The fund operates with a low fixed overhead of 15% to compensate for expenses associated with promotion, management, and disbursement. 85% of gifts go directly to helping students get to NITOC. All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

About IPS
Founded in 2005, the Institute for Principle Studies is a Christian para-church ministry dedicated to applying biblical principles to government and economics.

By hosting classes, teaching seminars, publishing journals, writing articles, and engaging youth through the activity of high school speech and debate, IPS disciples current and future generations to advance the cause of Christ and liberty.

For more information about IPS, please visit

The Institute for Principle Studies is a 501(c)(3) public charity. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. Tax ID# 20-3366904.