Parli at Heart of the Valley 2021

Parliamentary Resolution Announcement Room will be in the EAST 201, elementary library.
Please report to this room at the start time of each Parli round. Resolutions will be read and prep time will begin at the start time listed on the schedule.

Please be aware that the campus has limited hotspots and wifi access is limited. Please prepare accordingly so you are not frustrated or disappointed.

Please refer to the complete Stoa Rules for Parliamentary Debate here.

Eligibility: Each debater must either have reached age sixteen (16) by January 1st of the competition year, have competed for two or more years in another debate format, or receive consent from her/his coach.

Resolutions: The resolutions will be general enough that a well-educated high school student can debate them. They may be phrased in literal or metaphorical language and deal with questions of fact, value, policy or scenario.

Before the debate: All parliamentary teams will gather in the Parliamentary Resolution Announcement Room at the scheduled time of each round. Once the topic has been announced, each team will have twenty (20) minutes to prepare for the debate. Competitors may prepare using whatever resources they would like during the twenty minutes of preparation time, including electronic devices. However, only information handwritten during preparation time by the debaters in the round, a copy of the Stoa Parliamentary Rules, and the resolution as given out by the tournament can be taken into the round.