RV Parking

Unfortunately, there is no overnight RV parking at our tournament location. Please be aware that if you do park there overnight, either tournament staff, the Big Valley staff or the Modesto Police Department will ask you to leave. Parking overnight could also jeopardize our chances of using this facility for tournaments in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

Of course you are more than welcome to park your RV on campus during the day while at the tournament.

We would love to help you find a safe and comfortable place to park overnight. There are several families in our club that either live on quiet streets, or have very large driveways out in the country, that can accommodate RV parking overnight.

Please contact: ModestoDebate@gmail.com and email the following information:

Size of RV:
Date/Time you plan to arrive at host location:
Date/Time you plan to leave host location: